TOEFL 2018 Application Form & Important Dates

TOEFL 2018 – Test of English as a Foreign Language(TOEFL)

TOEFL IBT 2018 Examination is conducted for improvising skill set and eligibility levels of all candidates in the subject of English and this is conducted as the common and standardized test among all of them.

TOEFL Examination Pattern:

TOEFL Examination can be conducted in both paper based form or online based form.

Online based examination:

  • TOEFL Examination is an internet based examination and it is conducted in multiple forms such as reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • To reading session, 60 to 100 minutes are given as total duration
  • To listening session, 60 to 90 minutes are given
  • Only 20 minutes are given to speaking session
  • Only 50 minutes are given to writing session

Paper based examination:

  • To the session of listening, 30 minutes to 40 minutes will be given as total duration
  • 25 minutes duration is given to students in Structure and Written Expression
  • 55 minutes duration will be given to students in Reading Comprehension
  • Only 30 minutes of duration is given to writing session

Two Levels of TOEFL ITP tests:

TOEFL ITP Examination is conducted in two major levels such as Intermediate to Advanced and High beginning to Intermediate

Fee structure:

Candidates can write this examination of TOEFL even in form of paper based test and then can also make it in form of IBT.

  • $160 is fixed for paper based TOEFL Examination
  • From $160 to $240, fee amount is fixed for TOEFL IBT Examination

Subject Details:

  • In general candidates have to prepare for 20 lessons
  • 8 more elective lessons are also conducted among students and hence they have to study well based on this syllabus in terms of attaining best scores
  • Several subjects such as Vocabulary, Conversation Skills, Grammar, Business Communication and Presentations Skills are also examined among all students
  • Candidates will have to choose elective subject 1 or 2 per week which may change every 4 weeks
  • Candidates have to prepare for 16 lessons and this is prescribed as part time syllabus

How to check results?

  • Candidates have to follow all rules and instructions prescribed by the examiner and they have to check results very carefully
  • Candidates can make use of official websites in terms of sign in and avail mandatory information
  • With this navigation, candidates will be able to get redirected into the right link of webpage where there are results information available

TOEFL 2018 Notifications & Important Dates

TOEFL 2018 Hall ticket: pending

TOEFL 2018 Application Form & online Application Form : pending

TOEFL 2018 Exam date:  pending

Late date for submission of TOEFL 2018 form: pending

Entrance Exam - Last Updated On: Wednesday 27th September 2017

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